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I heard that if I ate acid I’d see god but
all that I keep seeing is the goodbye
text you sent me flashing on my screen.
My therapist asks me if I’ve been sleeping
better lately and I’m finding it hard to
explain that I almost always feel like I’m
asleep, like my whole life has been a dream.
The pills that I take in the morning make
me feel like I might be alright but my
thoughts are stained with the guilt i have
for saying that i hate your guts. I can’t help
but wonder if you think about me when the
sky turns purple and your thoughts turn gray,
because I know I think of you.
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t h e n o r t h r e m e m b e r s
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You’ve been flying so high
Avoiding the road
Pretending not to feel alone…

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LETS PLAY A GAME. It’s called: Who directed it TIM BURTON or HENRY SELICK
We’ll start with the 2009 Laika film Coraline based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. Do you know who directed it? Burton or Selick?

Did you guess yet?

If you guessed Henry Selick, you would be correct. Tim Burton actually had absolutely nothing to do with Coraline at all in anyway ever. Reminder: Tim Burton has NOTHING to do with Coraline. At all. But that was an easy one. Let’s go to the Walt Disney Pictures adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel, James and the Giant Peach next.

Think you got it? Are you sure? Better double check…

Oh, look. It’s Henry Selick again! Tim Burton actually interacted with this project, though only as a producer. Bet that was tricky… Next one! Let’s go to the Disney/Touchstone Pictures film Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Have you guessed it correctly? Have you really?

Yep that’s right. Even Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas was directed by Henry Selick. Though Burton wrote the poem and created the characters in which Nightmare was based he didn’t have much interaction with the project beyond that. At the time he had already signed off to direct the film Batman Returns and did not want to be involved with the “painstakingly slow process of stop-motion animation.”
Looks like it was a trick quiz. But now you know Henry Selick, whom people rarely know of is responsible for many of the most well known stop-motion animated films. The more you know!

This isn’t even being qeued. This is just being reblogged, because some of you still don’t understand who directed Coraline.

The more you know..
A love like that was a serious illness, an illness from which you never entirely recover. Charles Bukowski




starting today all blogs without the following image will be deleted within 24 hours


i’m not even afraid of deletion. i just want this image on my blog

every time i see this post its a different picture and every time i reblog it solely for the picture

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